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Web Design

Effective Web Design is an essential part of successful internet marketing. At Niche, we offer professional web design and development with the focus on aesthetics and accessibility. Whether a site is information based or it is an ecommerce site, it is these two factors that will keep visitors on your site for longer and help ensure its success.

Professional Web Design And Development

Our Web Designers all have several years experience of designing web sites, working with ecommerce sites and developing sites with PHP, ASP, Flash and all other main programming languages. When ever we design or develop a site, we ensure that it meets our standards of accessibility and is "search engine friendly", giving your site the best possible start and ensuring that any future SEO work can be done with a minimal amount of site modification. Alternatively, we can incorporate Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Management.

Web Site Design UK

Our web designers have worked on hundreds of sites within The UK, ranging from large ecommerce sites to smaller static sites across a broad range of industries. Because of our excellent customer service and very affordable prices, we have become a popular choice for Web site Design in Manchester and the surrounding areas. We also offer website design solutions to start up companies and smaller businesses with limited budgets. Please contact us for more information.

Custom Web Page Design

If your company already has a web site in place and just needs a few custom web pages built, we can help. Please contact us with your requirements and, regardless of the size of the job, we will provide you with a quote for the work within the same day.

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