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W3C Validation

Ensuring that your website's code is valid to W3C standards is not only good practice but can also improve your listings in the search engines and help reduce browser compatibility issues. For these reasons, many webmasters consider the W3C validation service to be an essential part of web design and search engine optimisation.

Valid HTML

Many HTML errors can cause problems for search engine spiders, making it more difficult for them to crawl your site. Ultimately, invalid code could lead to sections of your site not being properly crawled and indexed in the search engines. If some links on your site are not followed, the search engines may not be aware that certain pages even exist. Google's Webmaster Tools can give you detailed information about problems that are encountered when googles robots crawl your site, but ensuring your site has valid code is a great step to ensuring that these problems do not occur in the first place.

Please follow the link below to check your pages in W3C's HTML validator.

W3C Validator

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