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Free Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps are an important part of all websites and are one of the first things to be recommended in Google's Webmaster Guidelines. A sitemap notify the search engine of the pages in your site and help ensure that all of your pages can be included in the Search engines' indexes. If you have a large site, creating a sitemap can be a lengthy procedure. A free sitemap generator can quickly and easily create a sitemap for you by crawling the links on your site. You should ensure that all pages to be included in the sitemap are linked from somewhere on your site before you run a generator. If new pages are constantly added to your site, you might consider using a dynamic sitemap generator that automatically updates your sitemap as new pages are added.

Google Site Map Generator

There are many different types of sitemaps available. An XML sitemap is highly recommended for all sites as it the best format to use with Google (and are often referred to as Google site maps). Once you have created an XLM site map, make sure that you submit it to google and varify it. This will enable you to see some great statistics about your site in the Google Webmaster Tools.

We recommend the free sitemap generator supplied It is a great generator that simultaniously creates XML, ROR, urllist.txt and HTML sitemaps. Please follow the link below to access the sitemap generator.

Free Sitemap Generator

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