Windows Virus Spreads

The number of instance of the windows virus, which was discovered in October of last year, has continued to increase exponentially this month.  The virus is known as “Conficker”, “Downadup” or “Kido” is a worm that is easily spread among computers with low security, and has infected over 9 Million computers to date.

The virus works by copying itself onto a windows system and posing as a .dll file.  It then proceeds to connect to a hacker’s website to download malicious files.  Many viruses work in a similar way, but what makes this one more sophisticated is that it creates hundreds of phony domain names to make it unclear which is the real domain that is used to download the files.  This makes it almost impossible to shut down the offending site and stop the virus.

Unlike many other prolific viruses, “Conficker” is not that adept at bypassing antivirus software.  Instead, it relies on the vast number of computers that have gaping security holes.  Computer systems that do not have antivirus software installed or that do not have the latest windows updates are prime targets.  To minimise your risk of exposure to this virus, it is recommended that you ensure you are kept up to date with the latest software updates and virus definitions.  More information can be found on the BBC website.

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