Which Pay Per Click Program?

The vast majority of people who invest in Pay Per Click Advertising use Google AdWords Program and nothing else. This is not surprising since Google accounts for over 80% of UK searches, but there are other good PPC programs available.

You may argue that, at best, setting up additional PPC accounts with the other major search engines will only increase exposure by around 10% and is therefore simply not worth the effort. Although Google accounts for over 4 in every 5 Internet searches, the search engine results pages (SERPs) account for less than 5% of pages viewed on the Internet.  There is a huge number of advertising platforms on the Internet, from online magazines to social networking sites such as Facebook.

Maximising Return On Investment (ROI) should be a primary focus for everyone that advertises online. Although Google is the best platform for exposure and sheer volume of traffic, it does not always provide the best bang for your buck.  Because other programs such as Microsoft Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing are dismissed by many advertisers, they have less competition, which means lower CPCs and (in many cases) better ROI.

Targeting specific groups to hone in on your target audience is a great way to increase return on investment. Although AdWords has some great geo-targeting features, it is someway behind Adcenter and Facebook in terms of targeting.  Since its launch, Adcenter has allowed advertisers to use a combination of geographic, demographic and day-part (displaying ads at certain times of the day) targeting, and it was the first search engine to offer this combination.  Facebook has access to a huge amount of data from its member profiles and can use this to serve extremely relevant ads.

Ultimately, a shrewd advertiser will use a variety of different Pay per Click Programs to market their products.  With the Christmas period upon us, now is a great time to try a variety of different platforms and Facebook are currently offering a limited amount of free ad credit to new users.  With the use of some good conversion tracking software, you can see for yourself where your money is best spent.

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