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Browser Usage in 2009

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Over the past few weeks there have been a couple of major changes in the world of Internet browsers that will lead to a change browser usage in 2009. Firstly, Google Chrome has come out of beta. Secondly, FireFox usage has increased past 20% global market share. Whilst these may seem to be quite insignificant, they are early indicators that Internet Explorer is likely to see a significant decrease in its Market share during 2009.

Now that Chrome is out of beta, Google will be able to make a huge market push to increase its exposure. As Chrome’s popularity increases, it is likely that both FireFox and IE will suffer as a result. Over the last few years, Microsoft have made very little effort to promote its browser, and they have little need to do so. The browser that is the most popular is not the one that is considered best but is the one that is given to people as default. This is the reason behind the popularity of Internet explorer; it is shipped with windows and most people do not feel the need to switch browsers.

The few people who decide to change browsers tend to be those who are more computer literate. Since they tend to be changing from IE to FireFox, I considered that the addition of an extra browser to choose from when switching from IE would naturally take some of the market share away from FireFox, rather than Internet Explorer. It seems that FireFox has not yet begun to suffer, but it is still early days.

In order for a browser to achieve a dominant position, it is necessary for the company to make deals with computer and software manufacturers to be used as the default browser. This is what Google will be hoping to do in 2009, and this is what will make the real difference. It will be interesting to see what deals are struck in the near future and how browser usage changes in 2009.