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Prices In PPC Ads

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

When setting up a PPC campaign to advertise your products, you should include as much accurate information in the ad text as possible, particularly if it distinguishes your product from your competitors. One feature to consider is whether to put product prices in your ad text. This often has a significant impact on the effectiveness of a campaign; sometimes for the better, but sometimes for the worse.

Ideally, the people that you want to click on your ads are those that are at the end of the buying cycle - they have already shown interest in the product and are ready to buy. Displaying prices on ads can help to attract these individuals, as it clearly indicates that you are selling the product rather than providing reviews or information.

It is important to consider that before people buy products on the Internet, they tend to do a bit of shopping around, and have a good idea of what the product costs. For this reason, it is important that your price is competitive if you expect to benefit from displaying prices in ads.

One great benefit that displaying product prices can have is that it “pre qualifies” the click. It will reduce the number of users that click on the ad, and discover that your product is out of their price range. I say “reduce” rather than “eliminate” because, in the grand scheme of things, there will always be a few people who click on your ad without fully reading your ad text. Also, additional delivery costs can often cost you a sale under these circumstances.

Displaying prices in ad text can greatly improve you ROI and overall success of you campaign. However, when deciding to display prices, you should consider how cheap your product is compared to other retailers, whether your competitors display prices and how much your delivery costs are. If in doubt, consider putting it to the test. After all, one of the best long term techniques for improving PPC campaigns is constant adjustment through trial and error.