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Another Linking Method

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

As most people know, link building is one of the most important parts of search engine optimisation and is vital to the long term success of a site. There are many ways to get links to your sites including submitting to directories, writing informative articles and joining link exchange programs. Today, I would like to talk about another linking method that is much less common but can result in some fantastic links.

A great way to get new links is to type a relevant search term into Google and add either “add URL”, “submit site” or other variations in quotation marks. For example, if your site sells heating systems, then you could type ‘heating systems “add URL”‘ in to Google. The results would be filled with relevant pages that allow site submissions.

When using this method, you will find that some of the results will be directories and some will be business sites that request reciprocal links. Many people shy away from reciprocal link exchanges because they are not as valuable as one way links. While this is true, they still hold value and a good reciprocal link is significantly better than a poor quality one way link.

One great benefit to this method is that all of the links pages must be indexed in Google to be visible. Also, because of the way Google ranks sites, the fist few pages are likely to be particularly beneficial to get links from. You may find some real gems with high PageRanks, very few links and highly relevant content.

This is just one of many linking methods available and in order to maximize your link building efforts, it is advisable to use a multi-pronged, using as many effective techniques as possible. However, it is worth remembering that quality is better than quantity and this is a great method for finding diamonds in the rough.