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Work With Google, Not Against It

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Because of its highly relevant results, Google is by far the most popular search engine available today. In order to achieve this, Google has certain criteria on which it judges a websites relevancy to any particular search term. Overtime, these criteria or �algorithms’, have changed and evolved.

Changes to a website to bring it inline with Google’s algorithms form the basis of SEO practices. However, some unethical practices work by exploiting Google’s loopholes, and these �black-hat’ techniques, result in Google offering inappropriate, or poor-quality search results. Google, therefore, regularly change their algorithms because of the number of people who abuse SEO techniques.

With Google constantly adjusting its algorithms in what is now becoming a battle between some website owners to �trick’ Google and Google to provide relevant search results, many question how to retain good listings throughout these changes and avoid being penalised.

Here are a few pointers to safely optimise your website:

  1. Don’t try to exploit Google’s loopholes; they will not remain loopholes forever.
  2. Provide content that is truly relevant to the search queries that the page ranks well for. Google loves lots of high quality content that is actually useful to your visitors. That way when your page makes it into the top 10 it will really deserve to be there.
  3. Don’t work too closely to Google’s boundaries, this runs the risk of being penalised and dropped back in the listings when they move the boundaries. This applies to linking, keyword density, header tags and others.

Ask yourself the Question, �does your site truly deserve its position within Google’s index?’, if that answer no, it is likely to be dropped back in Google’s next Algorithm change.