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Internet Explorer Exploit

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Over the past few days, Microsoft has been receiving some bad publicity over a security exploit in Internet Explorer. The exploit affects IE 7, Microsoft’s latest version of the browser, which is being attacked by a Trojan horse virus known as “AZN”.

This is particularly bad timing for Microsoft. Google Chrome has recently come out of beta and a huge marketing push will be made by Google over the next few months. This means the IE is more at risk than ever of loosing much of its market share to the new up and comming browser. It is likely that both Internet Explorer and FireFox will suffer as Chrome gains in popularity in 2009 and IE can ill afford to be seen as inferior in any way.

Security is always a concern for Internet Users and IE has not had the best track record when compared to FireFox. Because Explorer has always had the largest market share, it has always been the primary target for programmers who write malicious code and ad-ware programs. Furthermore, people are always short of sympathy when it comes to Microsoft. The slightest glitch or problem with their software (of which there are many) makes people quick to point the finger and accuse them of incompetence. It seems that Microsoft really are a company that people love to hate.