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iGoogle Homepage

Monday, December 8th, 2008

A couple of years ago I used to use a customised Google homepage, which at the time was simply know as “Google Personalized Homepage”.  Now it has been reinvented as iGoogle and, since I am permanently reminded of its existence by adverts, i decided to give it another go.

I must say that iGoogle has come a long way over the lat few years and so far i’m impressed.  The number of different addons that can be installed onto your personal google page has grown considerably and they range from trivial but entertaining tools to very useful plug-ins.  Currently, my iGoogle page consists of an overview of my statistics from Google’s webmaster tools, an eternally gloomy weather forecast, a handy “to do” list and a snapshot of my Gmail account.

In addition to the thousands of addons, users can further customise their page by selecting different themes to use.  You could choose a Christmas theme to help you get into the festive mood, or even select from a variety of animated themes.  In fact, iGoogle allows you to make your own themes with a fairly straight forward process.

There are a lot of iGoogle widgets that are nothing more than fun gimmics, such as “word of the day” or the “optical illusion” widget.  However, there are also many that can save time and increase productivity.  The versatility of iGoogle allows it to cater for all tastes and all age groups. Personally, i’m glad that i have rediscovered it but whether it will save me time or help me waste it remains to be seen.