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Sporadic Blogging

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

When The Niche Marketing blog was launched last year, new posts were added every day without fail. Due to an increased workload and lack of spare time, recent blog posts have become more sporadic.  Thankfully, we will soon get back to the good old days when we were posting more regularly.

One side effect that comes from less frequent posting is that our main blog page is now crawled far less often. I have had many people ask me “what affects the crawl frequency of the page?” Although, many people think that the main factor is PageRank, it is actually fresh content that makes the biggest difference and this blog serves as a great example.

When we were adding daily blog posts, the main blog page was cached every day, which was more often than any other page on the site. As of writing, however, the last cache date was the 16th of April - almost one week ago.  From the search engines’ point of view, this makes perfect sense.  A successful search engine will need to offer the latest information from a site and the bots quickly “learn” how often a page or site is updated. If content is added daily, the bots will visit and index pages daily to ensure that all the information in the search engine index is as up-to-date as possible.