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Linking A New Website

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Link building is essential for improving search engine rankings and getting traffic to a website. There are many different techniques that can be used to get links to your website, but experienced SEOs will often tell you that the best method is to write content that has value, which people will naturally want to link to. Whist I agree with this viewpoint, it leaves many new websites in a bit of a catch 22 situation. Your content must be read before it can be linked to and if your new site has no visitors, this method will be of no help to you.

Initially, one of the best methods to get links to your website is through directory listings. However, these can be a bit of a mixed bag. Top directories such as DMOZ will bring huge benefits but can take several months to get listed. Similarly, many decent paid directories such as Yahoo and “Best Of The Web” can be of great help but at a significant cost. However, there are still a lot of good free directories out there, some of which can be found at

Reciprocal linking still also has benefit, despite what many people believe. It is true that reciprocal links have been devalued considerably over the past few years, but in some cases they can still be a huge benefit. The important thing here is to keep reciprocal links to a minimum and choose who you exchange links with carefully. Half a dozen high PR links from relevant sites is much better than 100 links from questionable sources.