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Facebook Ads

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Following on from our recent post about the growing popularity of Facebook, I have decided to take a quick look at Facebook ads.

With over 100 Million users, Facebook has a huge amount of exposure and is a prime target for serious advertisers. Not surprisingly, Facebook ads are very similar to AdWords ads in the way they are set up and the options available (CPC and CPM bidding).  However, one excellent feature of Facebook ads is the level of customisability with regards to target audience. Not only can you target by age, gender and location, but these ads allow you to use profile details to be much more specific with ad targeting.

With Facebook’s excellent targeting options, a dating agency, for example, could choose to only target single females aged 18-24 within 20 miles of Manchester.  This increases conversions and enables advertisers to write ads that are precisely tailored to the users that see them.