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Google Chrome Comes Out Of Beta

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Google Chrome is now out of its beta testing phase, which has happened a little earlier than expected by many people. There are many people who feel that chrome still has a few bugs and minor problems and these will need to be ironed out when future versions are released.

Removing Chrome from beta will give Google more freedom to market its browser. It will now be included as the default browser in Google pack in place of FireFox. For those, who have not heard of google pack, it is a collection of software compiled by google and available for free download. Among others, it contains adobe reader, spyware doctor and Google Earth. Although Google pack is not widely used, this change will help and it is one step in a much larger campaign.

google pack

Over the next few months, Google will make every effort to ensure Chrome becomes a well known and popular browser. Whether it will become successful depends largely on whether Google can secure contracts to get its browser pre-installed on computers.