Split Testing Adwords Ads

Effective Ad writing is essential When creating or optimising a Google AdWords campaign.  People with a bit of AdWords experience will appreciate that creating more than one ad variation is an important part of refining your campaign and maximising your return on investment.

The technique of creating different ad variations and comparing their success is known as split testing or A / B testing. If you create more than one ad in an ad group, you can automatically configure AdWords to display the ad with the highest quality score more often (under “optimise”).

You may be inclined to create two or more ad variations, select the “optimise” button and leave your campaign to run itself.  There is, however, a better option. To make the most out of split testing, we recommend that after establishing which ad variation gives a better ROI, you delete the other ad variations and create new ads.  Keep repeating this process and you may soon find that you are deleting the previous “best” ad, replacing it with something much more successful.  This is an excellent way to develop and maintain highly targeted and successful Google ads.

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