SEO Glossary

The blog at Niche has been running for several months now and one of its main aims is to provide tips and advice for all aspects of SEO and PPC management aimed at beginners, rather than experienced Internet Marketers. Because the blog uses a lot of technical terms and acronyms, I thought it might help some people to make a short SEO glossary to help explain some of these terms. This is by no means a comprehensive list but just a short explanation of the acronyms that are commonly used on this blog.

  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation / Search Engine Optimiser (the process of marketing a website to  increase its exposure in the search engines)
  2. PPC - Pay Per Click (An advertising medium where you pay whenever someone clicks on your ad)
  3. CPC - Cost Per Click (the cost incurred when someone clicks on your PPC ad)
  4. CPM - Cost Per 1000 Ad Impressions (An alternative payment to CPC, where you pay for ad impressions / views regardless of whether your ads are clicked on)
  5. CPA - Cost Per Action (Similar to CPC but with a pre-defined action, such as a sale or completion of a form)
  6. CTR - Click Through Rate (The percentage of ad views that result in a click on your ad)
  7. SERPs - Search Engine Result Pages (The results returned when you search for something in the search engines)
  8. ROI - Return On Investment (The ratio of profit to initial cost or investment)
  9. PR - PageRank (A number that loosely determines the combined value of links to a page)
  10. URL - Uniform Resource Locator (A web address)

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