Organic Click Through Rate

Most SEO companies will promote their services by offering first page listings. Whilst these are always desirable, it is worth noting that there is a huge difference in the typical click through rate of sites in position 1 and position 10. In terms of traffic and sales, a few positions can make a world of difference. Below, I have outlined typical click through rates that can be expected from different positions on the first page:

  • position 1 : 42% CTR
  • position 2 : 12% CTR
  • position 3 : 8.5% CTR
  • position 4 : 6% CTR
  • position 5 : 5% CTR
  • position 6 : 4% CTR
  • position 7 : 3.5% CTR
  • position 8 : 3% CTR
  • position 9 : 3% CTR
  • position 10 : 3% CTR

These numbers are taken from historical data from AOL, which looks at figures from organic clicks only. Although these numbers will be different if PPC clicks are factored in, the data clearly shows the stark contrast in the benefits of different first page listings.

Of course, there are other factors that will affect click through rate, such as the title and description that is shown in the results page. Although a relevant title and compelling description can help boost CTR, this data clearly shows that the vast majority of people find what they are looking for within the top few listings.

This data is extremely helpful for formulating SEO strategies. For example, if a keyword that receives 1000 monthly searches is likely to yield a top 2 result, we can see that it is likely to bring more traffic than a keyword that receives 3000 monthly searches and a bottom three listing is expected.

one statistic that really stands out in this data is the 42% click through rate of the position 1 listing. This really emphasizes the importance of the top spot. Clearly, even if a page is listed in comfortably in position 2, it still has the potential to bring a lot more traffic

It will come as no surprise to people that the greatest rewards come from the first few listings, but what may be a shock is the extent of this discrepancy. The statistics listed above serve as a sharp reminder that until you have that top position, there is a lot of room for improvement.

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