More Internet Marketing Mistakes

Following on from yesterday’s post, I decided to add a few more commonly seen mistakes made when optimising websites.

Keyword stuffing is still a common problem on many sites and can result in a site being heavily penalised by the search engines. This can be seen as a bit of a grey area as it is often a fine line between writing keyword rich content (which will help your site) and keyword stuffing.  The common mistake is to target as many keywords as possible in the hope that it will improve your chances of obtaining good listings for all keywords.

Page Titles are particularly sensitive and should be limited to around ten words or less. Ideally, descriptions should be under twenty words and should read well.  Remember, these elements are seen by potential visitors and and look professional. The meta keywords tag is a common target for keyword stuffing and i often see in excess of fifty words listed here.  In reality, this tag will have the least effect on your site’s listings but can still trigger a penalty.  I tend to keep this to less than ten relevant keywords, ensuring that they all occur in the page text.

Making poor keyword choices is probably the most common mistake I see and is simply down to lack of experience.  I repeatedly tell people that good SEO starts with good keyword research but knowing which words to target is not always that simple.  There are two problems that can result from poor key word choices. Firstly, a site may get listed highly for a term that does not get searched or is not relevant.  Secondly, the keywords may be too competitive for the site, resulting in low positions in the SERPs.  Both cases result in little to no traffic for a site and finding the right balance can often be tricky.

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