Monzilla Firefoz

Earlier this week I was checking the search volume for FireFox to see what kind of effect the increasing popularity of Chrome has had on the number of people searching for other browsers.  What Immediately got my attention when searching for FireFox is the sheer number of misspellings that are used.  Both Mozilla and FireFox have several common misspellings.

Monzilla and Firefoz are among the most common and have a staggering 8000 and 1000 monthly searches respectively.  Other common variations of FireFox include “firefix”, “firefocks” and “friefox”.  Variations in Mozilla are even more common and include “motzilla”, “mozila” and “mozella”.

There’s a lesson here, which is that targeting common misspellings can provide a great source of traffic.  For many professional businesses, this is an unsuitable tactic for organic SEO. However, it is commonplace in PPC campaigns and can be a great way of a steady stream of traffic for a relatively low cost.

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