Internet Marketing Pitfalls

Today’s post is all about Internet Marketing pitfalls.  It is by no means exhaustive but just a few classic mistakes.

Good Search Engine Optimisation is often a delicate balance and is as much about knowing what to do as it is about knowing what not to do. A site can be excellent in many ways, but one or two problems can hamper its listings in the search engines and reduce sales and conversions.

One of the most “classic” problems that can exist is the use of a Javascript navigation.  Most people are aware that Javascript is not easily followed by spiders and this problem has become increasingly rare.  In the worst case scenarios where Javascript navigation does exist, whole portions of a site may not be indexed by search engines, making listings an impossibility.  An SEO friendly navigation and link structure is paramount to the success of all sites and should be included at all times.

Another classic mistake is the inclusion of a splash page on a site.  A splash page is an “intro” page put before the sites main page; often containing flash animation, disclaimers or logos.  Unless this is absolutely necessary, it should be avoided as creates a delay or an additional action that users need to take before accessing the content of the site.  It is likely that many visitors will leave at this point. Also, splash pages will often negatively affect a site’s listings.

Music playing on a website is a personal pet hate of mine and if I can’t turn it off within a few seconds, I will get rid of it by leaving the site. I am not alone in this; music is a powerful deterrent for many potential customers. For certain sites, such as game sites and some media sites, the music may be suitable.  For most, however, it is not.  It may clash with music already being played through a user’s PC or provide unwanted noise in an office environment.

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