Internet Marketing Goals

Any company with a significant online presence will be concerned with Internet Marketing, and many companies will enlist the services of a professional marketing company to get the most out of their website.

Whilst a good marketing strategy can work wonders for a site, it is not uncommon for site owners to accept the services of an SEO or PPC management company when no specific strategy has been outlined by either party. Before enquiring about marketing services, it is important to have a clear idea of what your marketing goals are.

If interested in PPC management is your aim to get more clicks for your money or the same amount of traffic for a lower monthly spend? Do you want to invest in CPC bidding with focus on maximising return on investment or do you want to set up CPM bidding to improve your brand awareness?

If you are focusing on organic SEO, what are your key performance indicators? Do you judge website performance by traffic, sales or enquiries? What are suitable timescales to achieve these goals within? Knowing the answers to the questions is an important mark to getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

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