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With the fairly recent release of Google Chrome, I have decided to compare some of the most popular browsers and see how Chrome compares.  Before I start this rant, I feel I should make it clear that I am completely biased.  FireFox has been my favourite browser for as long as I can remember and it is also the browser of choice for most Internet savvy people I know.  Several years ago, before FireFox was so popular, Internet explorer had a lot of problems rendering code properly.

Unfortunately, because IE had the largest market share, web designers often used to modify their html so that a site looked right in IE, but when FireFox rendered the code correctly, something often looked out of place.  Of course, this led to many people believing that it was FireFox that had the problems displaying html correctly.  IE is much better now and even has tabbed browsing (a great feature that was pioneered by FireFox).  FireFox also has a huge number of addons available that allow it to be customised with extra features.  As an SEO and web designer i find this indispensable.  IE is still far behind in this respect.

Really, I am just measuring Chrome up to FireFox to see which I prefer.  After using Chrome for a while, I am particularly impressed with its speed.  It?s so fast it seems like I?ve upgraded my broadband.  Having said that, this may be a result of the huge number of add-ons I run when I use FireFox.  For a new browser, it is also remarkably stable.  However, Ultimately I still prefer FireFox.

The layout of Chrome is far different to that of FireFox.  It has an oversimplified design that doesn?t appeal to me and I cant get all of the same add-ons that I am used to using. It?s a great browser but I?m sticking with Firefox for now.  Familiarity has won the day.  However, Chrome is still in its infancy, and Google has always impressed me with its ingenuity.  FireFox may not be my favourite for long.

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