Google’s Global Takeover

Yet again, Google has increased its search share while Yahoo suffers.  This has come as no surprise, as it has been the same story each quarter for the last few years, but in the current economic climate it could spell disaster for Yahoo and other smaller search engines.

Google now has over a 71% market share with many people suggesting that it could rise to over 80% by Christmas 2009.  This sounds perfectly plausible when you consider that in the UK Google currently has over 85% market share and in the Netherlands it has a staggering 95%.

For its competitors, Google will be a tough nut to crack.  It doesn?t help that the phrase ?Google? has become synonymous with ?search? in much the same way that ?hoover? has become synonymous with ?vacuum cleaner?. If the other search engines are to survive, it may become necessary for them to join forces.  With Yahoo currently in financial difficulty, it may be bought by MSN to create a more viable competitor.  Whatever happens, the following year could bring some significant changes to the world of search.

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