Google Street View

Google has recently expanded “Street View” in the UK; a feature on Google Maps that allows users to explore areas from a street level. The UK are the 9th country to benefit from this feature with other countries including, Australia, NewZeland, America, Spain and Italy already having the feature.

Already this function which allows you to see 360-degree views of 25 UK cities has come under criticism with some saying it is an invasion of our privacy. However, I’m sure Google should be well equipped to deal with any issues that arise from UK critics of Street View, having launched it two years ago in America and had one couple go as far as to try and sue them for invasion of privacy.

Google, who trolled 22,369 mile of the UK in order to take the millions of photographs necessary for Street View, have stated that any images that cause offence will be removed on request. They also use face recognition software to hide faces and number plates which the Information Commissioner’s Office ruled sufficient for privacy to be maintained.

Google’s geo-spatial technologist Ed Parsons said “We recognise that people do have some concerns in terms of privacy, but this is the sort of level of detail you would get from driving down a road, the sort of picture you would see in an estate agent’s window.”

Despite having a few critics, Street View also has many fans such as the Metropolitan Police who have been quoted as saying “it [Street View] actually helps track and monitor crime”.

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