Google Stops Radio Advertising

Google has recently announced that it will no longer be offering radio advertising as part of its extended service offered in AdWords. For most people, this will have no effect on their advertising as the service was only available to the American population, most of who were unaware of its existence.

The news comes just a matter of weeks after Google pulled the plug on its print ads, which we blogged about in January. This shows that Google, like other companies, is feeling the pinch in the current economic climate.  It seems that Google’s poor traditional media team have less and less to do these days and their jobs are far from secure.

Arguably, it seems the downfall of these traditional media formats has been lack of awareness rather than poor quality of service or low return on investment.  Personally, I feel it is a shame that people within the UK did not have the opportunity to try traditional media advertising through Google.  I’m sure that the idea of having a single interface to control so many advertising mediums has widespread appeal.  Perhaps Google’s traditional media advertising programs will eventually be reinvented rather than lost forever.

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