Google Sitemap Generator

Keeping an up to date XML sitemap is important because it ensures that the search engines are aware of all of your pages and because it is a recommended practice that gives your site more credibility.  For small or static websites, keeping an up to date sitemap is a simple task because new pages are not often added to the site.  For larger E-commerce sites or blogs / forum sites, however, keeping an up to date sitemap an be a very time consuming task.  This is where an automated sitemap generator can help.

Google has recently introduced an excellent (and free) sitemap generator.  This new generator uses three different methods to discover URLs on your site - web server traffic; log files and files found on the server.  This means that it is extremely fast at adding new URLs.  In addition, the software can ping search engines and Google blog search to ensure that your pages have maximum exposure.

We have yet to test this new sitemap generator but we will do so over the next couple of weeks.  In our experience, most Google products are of excellent quality and we have high hopes for this one.  If you have beaten us to it and have already started using this product, please let us know what you think.

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