Google PR Update

A Google PR Update (PageRank update) is currently underway, and will likely be completed within a few days, but what exactly does this mean for your website?  Put simply, Google Pagerank is based on the sum value of the links to your site, and a higher PageRank can help improve your listings within the search engines, particularly within Google.

What many people do not realise is that although the green bar, displaying PR as a numeric value is only updated every three months or so, the benefit of a link can be almost instantaneous.  There are two main points to take from this.  Firstly, the PageRank bar is always out of date.  Secondly, a jump in pagerank at an update will not result in a jump in listings at the same time.

An increase in Pagerank is always good news for a site.  Although it may not boost your listings, it is a good indication that your link building is paying off or that your site is moving in the right direction.  PageRank is calculated using an exponential scale.  The result of this is that sites with higher Pageranks require a greater value of links to move up to a higher PageRank.  If your site’s PR remains the same after an update, it does not necessarily mean that its link score has not improved.

An old saying is that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and this can be appiled here. Although a higher PR is always desirable, there are many factors that will affect a sites link score.  The best way to measure the benefit of links is by monitoring the changes in Search engine listings and traffic.

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