Facebook Virus

Koobface, the recent Facebook virus has affected thousands of people since its release and has now started to spread to other social networking sites including Myspace and Bebo. This recent Facebook virus is a Trojan worm - a self replicating virus that can travel from computer to computer unaided.  Once you computer has become infected with Koobface, it leaves comments on your friends’ profiles, with comments designed to make your friends click on a link to discover something interesting that you have posted about them. Ultimately, through a series of deceptive links and websites, you become vulnerable to hijacking and identity theft.

Koobface is not the first Facebook virus to become widespread.  A few months ago, people may remember a similar problem where comments were left by friends stating things like “I can’t believe someone has said this about you!”  Of course, this kind of statement gets people’s interest, they click on the link and are redirected to a Facebook login page clone, which prompts you to enter your login details.

What these viruses share is the “hook” that gets you to click on the link.  It appears to come from a trusted friend and has a sensational comment that plays on your vanity or curiosity.  This was also the theme of the “I love you” virus that wreaked havoc across the globe in May 2000.  Facebook currently has over 100 million users and this number is growing every day.  This makes it a great target for viruses and  fraud. No doubt, there will be similar viruses over the next few years and the best way to protect yourself against these attacks is to maintain a level of scrutiny and scepticism when you see enticing or controversial comments.

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