Facebook Terms And Conditions

If you have logged in to Facebook recently, you will probably have noticed a statement about changes to the terms and conditions. A recent change to the Facebook terms and conditions has drawn a huge amount of attention to the company’s policies regarding ownership of data.

Put simply, whenever a user uploads information such as a photo, Facebook requires authorisation to share this information with other users. Although many users will tick this box without a second thought, what they are effectively doing is relinquishing ownership of the information.

The changes that came at the beginning of the month stated that Facebook will have the right to retain ownership of all information its users have posted on the site, for an unlimited time, even if the user cancels their account. This has caused a bit of a panic within the Facebook community as people do not like the idea of the complete loss of control over their data.

Over the past couple of weeks, Facebook have been inundated with requests for clarification of their new terms and conditions. As a result, they have reverted back to their previous Ts&Cs while they reword the information to “clarify” their position. More information about this can be found on Mark Zuckerberg’s blog post.

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