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There has recently been a lot of hype surrounding videos in websites, after Bruce Clay and others suggested that they will play a significant role in future search engine listings.  There is no doubt that the Internet is becoming a more interactive and feature rich place and websites that want to remain successful will need to roll with the changes.  However, the suggestions that video content will become a “must have” feature for any site that is serious about SEO seems a bit far fetched.

Looking at the rationale behind these suggestions will help to make more sense of this.  Ultimately, the search engines want to reward sites that have engaging content.  Although this idea is nothing new, the mediums through which content and interactivity can be displayed are always changing.  Videos are becoming increasingly prevalent on the Internet and are a good indication that a site will have engaging content.

The value that videos can bring will vary considerably from site to site and they will not be suitable for everyone.  It is likely that search engines will develop sophisticated methods for determining the “value add” of a site’s video by (among other factors) logging how often it is played.  This means that simply adding videos to your site in the hope that it will boost your listings may not bring the success you expect.

It is worth noting that there are many other ways to make your site’s content more engaging.  Blogs, forums, online polls, RSS feeds and even good old fashioned images can all help when put to good use.  My advice is, rather than focusing on video content, focus on the reasons behind it.  Ensure that your content is rich and engaging and it will increase your popularity and keep people coming back regardless of what the search engines do in the future.

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