Following on from yesterday’s post, it could be argued that SearchWiki’s ability to customise search results is currently of little value.  However, 2009 is likely to bring a lot of changes in terms of dynamic SERPs and the emergence of social search engines such as Delver.

Delver is a social search engine that uses social profiling to provide tailored search results. When you use the search engine, you are socially profiled and are grouped with people with similar interests.  Websites that are popular among people within your group, will appear higher in your search results, as they are likely to also appeal to you.

There are many emerging sites like this and, although they all work in different ways, it is clear that the future of search is quickly moving towards tailored search results.  Google is still the force in search and one of its greatest strengths is staying ahead of the curve and leading the way in terms of innovation.  SearchWiki is still in its infancy and with a few tweaks it could become much more effective.  For example, if it allowed friends to form “coalitions” and share tailored results, it would become much more than the glorified bookmarking function that many people see it as now.

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