Could Google Have Competition?

Could all the hype be true? Could Google’s long held positions as industry leader amongst the search engines possibly be at threat?

Microsoft’s Bing is certainly causing a stir in the industry. I’ve tried Bing out for size, and it does have some interesting features, the main one being you can get a sneak preview of each page displayed in the listings by hovering over a bar to the right of the listing you are interested in. This allows you to view some of the content of the index page before entering onto the site.

Having compared the two search engines, I found that the results returned do differ but the question is which one has the more relevant results?

According to a recent article published in the New York Times, Google have a team of experts analysing Bings Algorithms to determine how they differ from their own. So do Google have serious concerns about loosing a share of their market to Bing or is this just standard practice for the industry giant Google?

Microsoft it seems has been looking for a way to get a larger slice of the internet search engine industry for some time. Last year there was a rejected offer by Microsoft to buy Yahoo and recently there has been talk of Microsoft trying to enter into a partnership with Yahoo. Now launching Bing with a marketing budget said to be around $90 million USD, perhaps this could be the move that propels Microsoft into the market!

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