Content In a Nutshell

Back in the old days, when SEO was still in its infancy, it was realised that keyword density played a large part on a site?s success in the SERPs.  This holds true to day and the age old saying ?content is king? still applies. However, the search engines have much more complex systems for analysing content than they once did.

Trying to cram your keywords into your site?s pages until an ?ideal? percentage of keyword density is achieved is not an effective strategy.  Instead, consider the ?semantic field? of a given topic. If you are discussing a subject in depth, you will likely not be repeating the same phrase over and over but instead will be including variations on words and related words within a subject. Your keyword density for a given term may be low but the search engines will know which phrases and terms relate to each other and will consider your content to be highly relevant to your topic.
Focus less on individual keywords and instead write what comes naturally.  Use good paragraph and sentence structures and ensure that your content is substantial enough to provide readers with the information they were looking for.  You should never sacrifice the quality of your content when trying to optimise, and your primary focus should always be on users rather than robots when writing content.

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