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Google Caffeine

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Google are currently working on some big changes to their search infrastructure, which they have branded the “caffeine update”. Google makes small changes to infrastructure and algorythms on a regular basis and many of them go unreported and unnoticed. What is different about Caffeine however, is the sheer size of the update and the publicity that it has received.

Matt cutts has stated that the Caffeine update consists of changes that are largely “under the hood”; affecting the way Google indexes websites. The aim is to make a more powerful, flexible and robust infrastructure. However, with so many changes taking place, there are bound to be some knock-on effects, which affect websites’ positions in the results pages.

Google are being very open about these changes and have even published a preview of Google Caffeine at . Unfortunately, there is currently no UK version, so comparing these results to could give some very misleading data.