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Twitter for business

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Twitter has been around since 2006, but has only really shot into mainstream use in 2008-9. It allows companies and individuals to update their followers with thoughts, what they are doing, what has their attention or any little tit-bit of information they choose to share. These short (140 character) posts known as ?Tweets? can be accessed on line or on your mobile phone.

So other than being updated on what your best friend had for breakfast or that their job interview went well, how can this new form of communication be used to benefit your business?

Business wise, Twitter is mostly used for professional networking or sharing promotional offers with your customers or following.  Here?s a few ways you might use Twitter for business:

?    Gain quick answers to questions you may have or answering other people questions to increase the credibility of your company.
?    Build up contacts in your industry / networking.
?    Create links to your website or blog (these links have no search engine benefit, so there is no benefit is overdoing this).
?    Promote special offers or events.

Of course these will only work if you have followers, and the more you have, the more networking or promotional opportunities you have. So how do you go about acquiring followers?

?    Follow others and they?re likely to follow you back.
?    Post useful and informative tweets that might be of interest to your target audience.
?    Complete your bio. People don?t like to follow strangers. A short summary about who you are and a link to a website helps ?tweeple? feel they know you.
?    If you have followers on a blog, Facebook or any other networking media, add your twitter feed to encourage your audience following your on twitter.
?    Reply to tweets put out by people you are following, especially if they are not following you yet.

Many of the top twitter accounts currently consist of celebrities and big brands such as Google, however, there are some examples of smaller businesses commanding a high volume of followers (mostly in the US at the moment), such as @wholefoods, a food store based in Texas with over 1 million followers. Whole foods use their account to share special offers, customer support and company news with their customers and this activity has led to over 600,000 new followers in the last four months.

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