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Will SEO benefit you?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

There are many tools in your marketing tool box and it can often be the cause of dilemma trying to decide the most effective way in which to spend your marketing budget.

This can be particularly true when considering internet marketing techniques such as SEO, which can cause a lot of confusion to some.

So, you have a business, you have a website and you’re asking yourself the question, will SEO benefit me? There are a few things you should consider:

Is your website e-commerce?
If the answer is yes then increased traffic will lead to increased sales. The benefits in terms of increased sales should outweigh the costs of employing an outsourced company to manage your SEO or the time invested in managing your own SEO. However, if your website is a “brochureware” site being used simply to give you a web presence than SEO may not provide the best return on investment for you.

Are your clients local or national?

SEO will result in national presence for your website, so if your target audience is limited to a small geographical area, pay per click (PPC) may be a better option because of its ability to target geographically.

Do consumers know about your product or concept?
Consumers need to know about your product or at least the concept of it in order for them to search for it. If your product is new to the market and a new concept, building brand and product awareness will probably need to come first.

In conclusion:
If you own an e-commerce website, selling a well known mainstream product to a national audience, then SEO could be a highly effective tool in your marketing communications mix, limited only by the size of your target population. That said, SEO, can still benefit non e-commerce websites, consider the value of a hit to your website? Perhaps your website has a call to action for potential customers to call for product information that often results in a sale?

Remember when considering the marketing options at your disposal, SEO as with any other marketing option, should be an investment not a cost, so do your research, speak to the professionals and be careful to invest your money in the right areas for your business. Consider the value of increased traffic to your website and whether it is the best option for you.