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Google Chrome Extensions

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Google’s chrome team have released more details regarding much needed extensions for the browser.  Whilst people may think that web browsers are much of a muchness, each browser has its strong points.  Often, small details can make a big difference to  the success of a browser, and customisability is one of the main selling points of FireFox.

Google have always been quick to incorporate successful and innovative concepts into their products, so it is no surprise that they intend to make good use of browser extensions.  Unfortunately for Firefox, it seems that most of their pioneering concepts are eventually adopted by rival companies, leving them with little to call their own.

Google’s Chrome is already great little browser, and is beginning to pose a significant threat to Internet Explorer and FireFox.  Since leaving beta testing, chrome has been promoted quite aggressively and this is beginning to pay off.  In January alone, chrome saw an increase in market share of around 0.5%.  This is an impressive number for a new browser to achieve in such a short space of time.

More information about this development can be found on the Google Chrome Extensions page.