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People write blogs for a variety of reasons ranging from hobbies to money making blogs and everything in between.  Regardless of its intent, all blogs need traffic and there are several ways to go about getting it.  Firstly, you should make sure that your blog is well optimised, using SEO friendly URLs and good heading and paragraph structure.  Read our SEO for WordPress blog for more information on this.

Using Aggregators and media distribution sites such as Feed Burner is another great way to get exposure to your site.  Feed burner is now owned by Google and will host your blog’s feed, help distribute and link it and provide tools to monitor traffic all for free.  This is a great service that every blogger should take advantage of.  Google Reader and Bloglines should also be considered.

There are many directories that are either exclusively for blogs or have separate blog sections.  Among others, these include Blogarama and total blog directory.  Performing a Google search for “blog directories” will return a huge number of sites that you can submit to.  The benefit of these submissions is two fold.  They will increase your traffic and will also have a positive effect on your natural listings.  IF you own a long-running blog, I would highly recommend submitting to Best Of The Web’s blog directory.  Your site must have been running for at least six months to qualify.

All of these techniques will help you get traffic to your blog.  However, once you have developed a steady stream of traffic, the best technique is to write quality blogs that have some value to your target audience.  This will ensure that your blog continues to be linked to and keeps the readers coming back.

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