Bing And Yahoo Partnership

Since being re-branded in June of this year, Bing has been going from strength to strength. One of the search engine’s latest triumphs is an agreed deal to form a partnership with Yahoo. For some readers, this will come as no surprise, as Yahoo has been in trouble for some time and there have been several previous negotiations regarding a Microsoft takeover of Yahoo that date back well into 2008.

The new deal between Yahoo and Microsoft is different to the original bid in that it is more of a partnership than a takeover. Yahoo will still maintain its identity but its search results will be supplied by Bing and it will contain the phrase “Powered by Bing”. This is a great solution for both companies but particularly for Microsoft, who will be able to capture an existing market share without the complications of a full takeover.

This deal will more than double Bing’s market share. However, by contrast, Google has around a 90% share of the global market. In this sense it may not seem like this new joint venture poses any threat to Google, at least for the foreseeable future. Although this may be true, it is worth noting that the release of Bing in June was enough to reduce Google’s market share to its lowest level this year. News of this new deal may well cause it to drop again.

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