Adsense Category Filtering

A new feature is being tested for Google AdSense that will mark a significant change in the way that ads are generated for a page. The feature is a category filtering option that will allow users to manually exclude ads from specified categories displaying on a page.

Currently, AdSense selects ads for a site based on the content of a page. While this tends to give relevant results, it is not always the case. In some situations, completely unrelated ads may show or ads from a site’s competitors may be displayed. For some time, publishers have wanted have more control over the ads that display on their site and category filtering gives them exactly that.

More control is not always a good thing, however. Not all AdSense clicks pay the same amount and some categories will prove to be far more lucrative than others. As there are many websites that exist purely to generate money through AdSense, it is possible that some publishers will exclude the least profitable categories; sacrificing quality and relevancy of content in exchange for increased AdSense profits.

Google states that the categories will also display information about recent revenue generated for a site. This will give publishers the ability to predict how filtering categories will affect their profits, making it even easier to filter for maximum revenue. Currently, the category filtering feature is still in beta testing. Although it is clearly designed to help publishers filter out irrelevant ads, it may do the exact opposite. Ultimately, time will tell. More information about category filtering an be found at the AdSense Blog.

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