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Bing It On

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Bing, the re-vamped MSN search engine, has been around for over a month now, and there are plenty of statistics available which show just how successful its launch has been.

Immediately after its launch on June 1st, Bing took a 5.3% market share. Although this would have been impressive for a New search engine, it is important to remember that the old MSN Live now forwards all of its traffic to Bing. When this is taken into consideration, the real increase in market share was only 0.6% - hardly impressive considering the market budget set aside for the launch.

Although the increase in Bing’s market share is nothing to shout about, its increase in traffic has been primarily at the cost of Google. This has come as a surprise to many people, who expected that the long-suffering Yahoo would be the biggest looser from Bing’s launch.

In truth, Yahoo has dropped in market share this month, but this is nothing new. Google, however, has dropped its global market share from 81.5% for May to 81.2% for June. This may seem like a pretty small dent but it is the lowest that Google’s market share has been this year.

Another factor to consider is the recent algorithm changes in Google. The release of Bing has coincided with a big shuffle in Google’s search results. This has lead to some poor quality pages showing in Google’s search results. This is bad timing for such a large algorithm change as many frustrated Google users may take the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about with Bing. That being said, it is still early days and only time will tell if Bing can continue to increase its market share at the expense of Google.