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Link Baiting

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Getting quality links to your website can be a laborious task. Link baiting is the process of enticing other websites to link to your website as a result of interesting, newsworthy or entertaining content on the page. Link baiting is normally achieved through blog pages, but can be achieved through any content page within your website.

Link baiting helps your business in two main ways; it increases the strength on your site in the eyes of Google (your page rank), which helps improve your position for your targeted search terms, and it also drives more traffic to your site redirected by the links from other related articles.

There are number of things that typically form good link bait, and here are a few idea to get you started:

Provide useful tips related to your industry, perhaps a how to guide or a useful timesaving tool that you use.

Industry News
Be the first in your industry to put your take on the latest breaking news.

If you have read a few articles on a subject and can see flaws in the story, expose them. Others within the industry will be all the more interested by this view and be inclined to link their take on the news to your post.

Be Controversial

Not everyone has the guts to hold a controversial view, but most of us want to tell others about controversial views, so people will be inclined to link to it. Be careful with this one though as you don?t want to end up offending others in your industry or getting sued.

Be Humorous
Do a write up on anything funny in your industry. If you can?t think of anything, make something funny such as ?10 Funny uses for a ?..?
Use pictures to illustrate your points and to make it funnier.

Name Drop

If it is appropriate to your industry, celebrity name drop in your articles, this always gets interest.