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Adsense For Domains

Friday, February 20th, 2009

AdSense for domains is a relatively new service from Google that allows site owners to place AdSense on pages where no content exists. For example, If a domain name has been registered but the site is still under construction, AdSense can now be placed on these “parked domains”.

Google explains that this will allow visitors to view relevant content instead of “under construction” messages, which helps improve the quality of information on the Internet. However, many people feel that the introduction of AdSense for domains is a bad move by Google.

Parked domains are somewhat of a nuisance as they provide no original content and lengthen the search process for users. By allowing Adsense on these domains, Google is effectively rewarding such websites for reducing user experience. This seems counter-intuitive and stands in direct contrast to Google’s policies.

Many sites are created solely to make money through adsense and these sites are generally of poor quality. Now, this process is made even easier because the creation of content is not necessary. Of course, it is unlikely that parked domains will see any significant listings in the search engines but it is no wonder that many people see Google’s AdSense for domains as a step backwards.