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Ongoing SEO Service

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation is a service, not a product and as such, it can be sold in a number of different ways and can involve many different techniques.  Most SEO companies will sell some sort of ongoing SEO service to their clients.  This makes sense, as Internet marketing is a long term strategy and it takes time to develop a site’s Internet presence.

Although “ongoing SEO” is sold, it does not necessarily mean that it is provided.  The sad truth is that there are many companies out there who provide poor after sales service despite promising the earth. It may be that your SEO company has got you firmly on the first page for your desired terms, but that was six months ago, and nothing much has happened since.  With the backing of a professional Internet marketing company, your site should be continually improving. Your listings and traffic should increase month by month, and when you reach the top position, it should not be seen as a sign that the job is done, but rather that it may be time to evaluate your search terms.

Ask yourself the question “what has my SEO company done for me in the last month?”  This is a question that you should know the answer to.  If you do not know, contact the company and ask them.  If they cannot answer you, you are really in trouble.

If you have been sold an “ongoing SEO service”, find out what that really means.  There are a frightening number of companies that will provide a bare minimum service after the initial work has been carried out.  If you think yours may be one of these, it may be time for a switch.  Even if you are tied into a contract, there is little that a company can do to stop you leaving if they are not honoring their side of the deal.