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White House Blog

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Throughout his election campaign, president Obama has talked about change.  After only a few days in office, many of these changes have started to take effect and one such change is the addition of the white house blog post.  The blog has been set up as part of a strategy to make information about the US government and its policies much more transparent and accessible to everyone over the Internet.

It is likely that this move will be seen as a great step towards increasing the trust between the government and the public.  This is an excellent PR move as trust is something that had become increasingly lacking during the Bush administration.

The White House blog is just one medium through which Internet users can keep up to date with Obama’s actions.  The website will also feature a video feed of Obama’s weekly address and information containing details of all non-emergency legislation before it is signed by the president.

The white house blog does not allow comments, which is not surprising when considering the work that would be involved in filtering out abusive and non-constructive comments.  However, there is a contact form included on the website, which is primarily for people to suggest changes that they would like to see to the website and the administration in general.

If you would like to take a look at the blog yourself, you can visit it at