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Blog Traffic Sources

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Shortly before Christmas, Matt Cutt’s released statistics about his blog’s traffic sources for 2008.  This is interesting reading for me for two main reasons.  Firstly, his blog has a similar focus to mine but with a huge audience built up over the years.  Secondly, if there’s anyone who knows how to market a blog, it’s Matt.

His traffic statistics show some interesting trends. His second greatest traffic source is direct traffic. This shows that he has a huge fan base of regular readers. It can take a very long time to establish such a huge following, and it can only really be done by providing quality content that will keep people coming back for more.  There is no doubt that Matt provides this, and his statistics clearly show what a huge difference this can make in the long run.

Matt also gets a lot of traffic through social networking and bookmarking sites, with Digg and Stumbleupon topping the list.  This is not so surprising, but what is interesting is that both of these sites provide more traffic than Yahoo - the world’s second most popular search engine.  This just goes to show that search engines are not everything. In fact, social networking and social bookmarking sites are becoming increasingly powerful as marketing tools.

Google’s organic listings provide more traffic to Matt’s blog than any other source.  However, the overall statistics clearly show that to maximise blog traffic, you should use a variety of methods to market your blog, targeting search engines, bookmarking sites, google images and so on.  Above all, if you provide useful content, you will eventually get the following you deserve.