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Quality Score - Ad text

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Over the next couple of days, I will be posting a series of blogs about improving the quality score of Google AdWords Ads. These will be split into three categories: the ad text; click through rate; the landing page, and the overall layout of ad groups. Today’s focus is on the ad text.

Quality score is assigned to each keyword that you use, and the relationship between the keyword and the ad that it displays plays a huge part on its quality score.  Ultimately, optimising AdWords ad titles and content is a lot like the methods used for “on-page” SEO: You should ensure that you use keywords in the title and the ad text wherever possible.

You may think that each ad can only have one title, but it is possible to use automatically generated titles so that each keyword in the ad group can be used as the title when it generates the ad. The command for this is {KeyWord:Something}. Replace the “something” with a default keyword of your choice.  This will be used if the keyword is unable to be displayed, which may happen if it contains more than the allowed number of characters for a title. Dynamic ad text can also be used in much the same way.

Inserting keywords dynamically can be an easy way to give an overall boost to your keywords’ quality score. However, one problem with using dymanic titles and ad text is that they can interfere with the grammar of your ad.  For example, if you inserted a keyword after “a full range of ….”, the keyword “widgets” would fit well, whereas the phrase “buy widgets” would not. For this reason, dynamic keyword insertion may not be suitable for all cases.