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Search Based Keyword Tool

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Google has recently released a new search based keyword tool to help identify potential keywords for AdWords users. Unlike traditional search tools that start with keyword suggestions, this tool starts with page content and works backwards to find new keywords. Simply enter a URL into the search tool and it scans the text on the page and suggests keywords that are relevant to the page. Whist this could also be done by the previous AdWords Keyword Tool, this new tool has some nice new features that make it very useful.

When the keyword list is generated, there is a column that displays suggested bid prices. This is very helpful for getting a feel for which terms are likely to be profitable and which are simply too competitive. Although previous experience shows that these figures are often inaccurate, they are still useful as a guideline.

Another helpful feature is that the tool will scan multiple pages on a site and show which page the keyword has been extracted from. The way in which the keyword list is created means that all keywords are relevant to the site which will help quality score. Displaying specific URLs, however, goes one step further. User can now see at a glance, which pages will be good candidates for use as landing pages. Of course, there is more to a landing page than keyword relevancy, but this is useful nonetheless.

All in all this is a great tool that has some nice little features. Search volume, competition and bid prices are all shown and the tool will suggest phrases that you may not have previously thought of. Furthermore, the generated lists can be exported into an excel spreadsheet at the push of a button. Although it is aimed at AdWords users, it also has its uses for organic SEO. You can try this new tool for yourself at