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FireFox 2 Support

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

FireFox 3 is now in widespread use and so it naturally follows that support for its predecessor, FireFox 2, will ultimately be discontinued.  Of course, this is a natural progression and with most browsers and other types of software there is no reason not to switch to the latest version without as much as a second thought.  With FireFox, however, there is the issue of extension compatibility.

FireFox can be customised significantly with extensions written by third party programmers.  These can provide a wide range of functions from adding daily jokes or weather summary icons to providing specialist tools for web designers or people in the finance industry.  As these tools are often written by individuals rather than commercial companies, many are eventually abandoned by the programmers and become incompatible with FireFox when new versions are released.

SEOpen, for example, was an excellent (and popular) extension that provided a number of useful functions for Search Engine Optimisers and web designers.  Unfortunately the latest version of this extension was released in 2006 and is only compatible for FireFox 2.0 and previous.  Instead of waving goodbye to this extension, I know many people who have refused to update past Firefox 2.0 so that they can continue to use SEOpen.  This is not an isolated incident and it’s worth noting that, with the sheer number of add-ons now available for FireFox, the latest browser does necessarily mean the best browser.